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About us

Anil & Co. was founded in 1958 by Savji Ratanshi Shah, in no time had Anil and company become the leading expoter in bulk packaging of Indian spices around the world.

In 1974, son Arvind Shah along with his brothers Anil Shah , Ramesh Shah and Satish Shah took over the reins of Anil & Co and ushered in sweeping changes. They introduced stringent quality norms at every step of the spice process and In addition to this an in-house ultra modern laboratory was set up to test all products scientifically.

This was a deciding factor that penetrated new markets and won the world over to Indian spices.

Sami Spices and Herbs PVT LTD

As time went by, Anil & Company introduced "Sami Spices and Herbs Pvt Ltd" as a group company and diversified itself into various fields, such as rice, cereals, blended spices, Indian snacks and Foodstuffs. They started catering in consumer packaging and have established firm hold on the food industry.

Since then the four brothers have become the four pillars of the company and riding on their strength the company has been passing milestones in the food industry ever since. Learning from their fathers and uncles, the third generation of the company is now well placed in the business and have successfully started to explore opening opportunities and ventures. With the combination of an age old experience of almost 50 years and new age technologies Anil & Company is confident that it can fulfill the needs of any customer in their field.